Resources for clinicians

This pages includes dedicated resources for clinicians and health professionals, including guides which accompany selected self-help treatments on this website.

Covid-19 Perinatal Mental Health Resources

We have partnered with the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health to create a set of Covid-19 perinatal mental health resources for clinicians.

Therapist manual to accompany post-natal depression self-help resource

This manual (pdf), produced by Professor Heather O’Mahen and Becky Hopley, is a step-by-step intervention for therapists for treating Post-natal depression. It complements a self-help booklet for clients, also available through this website.

Association for Infant Mental Health (AIMH) resources for clinicians

This collection of resources on infant and perinatal mental health is aimed at clinicians, and includes both general materials and those specific to Covid-19 (including podcasts).

Guidance on responding to domestic violence during Covid-19

This guidance (pdf), Covid-19: Guidance on how to respond to domestic abuse during lockdown for healthcare professionals, was produced by Standing Together Against Domestic Violence.

Managing overwhelming emotions / Complex Trauma – clinician handbook

This handbook (pdf) for clinicians, Understanding and managing overwhelming emotions, accompanies a self-help handbook for clients, available in the overwhelming emotions and Trauma section of this website (the handbooks are the same). It was developed by Dr Cerith Waters, Cardiff University, and the Cardiff and Vale Perinatal Mental Health Service.

Group intervention to reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy (the ACORN study) – intervention manual

This intervention manual (pdf), titled Four steps to a more relaxed pregnancy: Antenatal coping and relaxing, was produced by Professor Heather O’Mahen and colleagues as part of the ACORN study.

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