Getting Started

This is a place to help you find what you need for your emotional health.

We might suggest you start by watching Tiff’s story

Tiff’s Story (directed by Sally Arthur and produced by Mosaic Films)

If you’re a Dad you might find Mike’s Story helpful

Mike’s Story (directed by Daniel Binns and produced by Mosaic Films)

You may find the following two short films useful too – Feeling Bad as a New Dad and Perinatal Positivity

Feeling Bad as a New Dad (BBC Tomorrow’s World and the Wellcome Trust)

Perinatal Positivity (

There are a range of treatments and resources available on this site – we hope these will help you find the support you need.

If you’re not sure which resource to use, though, you can click below to help decide.

Questionnaires to help get started (Coming soon)

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