What’s the Evidence?

What is special about our website is that we provide links to free, evidence-based treatments and resources from perinatal mental health experts around the world.

The treatments listed on this website draw upon different types of evidence and have undergone different forms of testing. Where relevant, we have assigned treatments a particular level – A, B or C – according to the following guidelines:

A – This treatment or resource has undergone testing through a randomised controlled trial(s) (including feasibility or pilot trials) with a clinical population (e.g. people with postnatal depression). Randomised controlled trials are the highest level of evidence for treatments.

B– This treatment or resource has some evidence on it’s effects, by comparing how people (with a clinical population – e.g. people with postnatal depression) were before they used the treatment/resource, and how they were after. However, this evidence was not collected as part of a randomised controlled trial(s).

C – This treatment or resource is based on principles that have been quantitatively tested (e.g., compassion has been shown in lab experiments (with people) to improve well-being and reduce physiological markers of stress), but this treatment has not be tested with people experiencing perinatal mental health issues.

Overview of treatments and resources with evidence ratings

Low mood/ depressionRating
Self-help booklet for Postnatal (postpartum) DepressionA
Compassionate Minds on NetmumsC
‘Enjoy Series’ on Living Life to the FullC
Gaining control of your life after having a baby – a self-help workbook for post-natal depressionC
Self-help for depression during pregnancyA
MindMum App C
Anxiety, worry and stress
Compassionate Minds on NetmumsC
‘Enjoy Series’ on Living Life to the FullC
Overwhelming emotions
Overwhelming emotions workbookB
Coping when your baby cries C
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Maternal OCD resourcesA
Bonding with your child
‘Enjoy your bump/baby/infant’ on Living Life to the FullC
Resources for clinicians
Group intervention to reduce anxiety and stress during pregnancy (the ACORN study) – intervention manualA
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